Welcome to the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade

The members of our association are united by the conviction that politics and economy are based on the commitment of every single individual. In the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA), experts and management of economy, scientific and public life face up to a collective responsibility: Beyond all particularist interests they step in for an eco-social market economy that creates sustainable growth for everybody and helps to maintain our world for the generations to come.

Economy means all of us!

Progress and wealth do not come by chance but they are based on the courage, creativity and dedication of many people in this country. Economy means all of us! For the purpose of this motto the BWA attempts to strengthen motivation, commitment and the sense of responsibility in our society.

Our competence – your advantage!

The BWA arranges valuable contacts on all levels: nationwide in the federal Senate, the regional branches and numerous local Trade Clubs. On the international level members of the BWA have exclusive contact to a widespread network of external trade advisors and over 100 Trade Points world wide.

The BWA-Senate

Well-known personalities from economy, science and culture as well as representatives of politics and diplomacy form the federal Senate of the BWA. The membership is exclusive. It is open only to enterprises of country wide importance and is limited in principle to one member of each branche of trade. Conditions of an appointment are a remarkable success and a model function in the respective field of activity as well as the advocacy of our common goals.

Members of the Senate are especially responsible for the implementation of the political strategies of the association and represent the BWA in public. Together with a scientific advisory board they form a think tank within the association and help to develop strategies of national and international economy promotion. They inform and consult decision makers in politics and administration on regional, national, European and international level.

The founders of the association let revive thereby the old and at the same time modern idea of the senate in the ancient Greece and Rome. According to this idea, a balanced circle of independent minds pursue the common good rather than particularist interests.

Our external trade network

Partnerships and close cooperations with international organizations and competent service partners ensure a world-wide network for BWA members. A staff of external trade advisors and experts in fields as tax, recruiting and management complete this service. For further inquiries the external trade department in the federal office of the BWA offers reliable assistance to members of the BWA. Regular specialized technical and external trade journeys off the beaten paths of foreign trade complete this service.

The World Trade Point Federation (WTPF)

In partnership with the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) the BWA is official supporting organization of the World Trade Point Federation in Germany, a global project data base for entrepreneurs. The access to current advertisements, offers and information from more than 100 Trade Points in 70 countries worldwide are a valuable advantage for small and middle sized enterprises.

Der BWA – A strong team

With its creativity and innovativeness our members are the best argument for the business location Germany. A membership in the BWA opens up a strong network of like-minded personalities and a strong support by our staff. The BWA accompanies its members as a strong partner – no matter, where we can be of help in the world! Your success is our strength!


Federal headquarters
Kranzler Eck Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 22
10719 Berlin

E-Mail: info(at)bwa-deutschland.de